Unable to install with Orca Screen reader

Hi, im visually impared and trying to install Ubuntu Mate 18 with Orca Screen reader, but when i get to the selection of how the installation should be (I choose to erase the disk) then i cant click on the "Install/enxt" button.
Im also not able to enable/disable Orca screen reader with insert + s which according to its manual should be the magical toggle keys?
Now im trying with Ubuntu Mate 19 and will update if it works in 19, but its not LTS which i prefer since its more stable...

I was able to install Ubuntu Mate 19!
But i was not able to enable/disable screen reader during install/live i had to enable it from the boot screen F5 and choose screen reader.
I also had difficulties with the "Country" selection i noticed if i entered c i got a list but it didnt read all up?
Least but not last the window after the installation when pushing tap i got no info, but it had focud on the only button that had an option (reboot)...

So now im running Ubuntu Mate 19 with Orca and will try to work it.. I ran into an challenge.. How do i navigate with Orca in the top right corner to choose wifi and so on?