Unable to Manage Notifications

With 20.04 I got the notification icon in my task bar. It was easy to manage to filter notifications. However, with 22.04, I no longer have control. All previous filters removed. I cant even clear the notifications. I am not sure if this is an upgrade issue or 22.04 issue. When I try to move the icon from my task bar, the whole group (network, battery, sound) disappears well. Any suggestions to restore the notification functionality?

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Hi not sure if this is similar to what you are asking but on my UM22.04.1 I have indicators. The arrow points to the indicators by right clicking and the number 1 opens number 2 for settings. May not be what you are discussing if so disregard.


That is the correct indicator. So using what you showed me I was able to add Firefox to my notifications to discard. I am unable to take a screen shot of my issue, but when I click on the green icon, I can see a list of notifications, then below that a do not disturb setting which I can manage. But the last item in the list is "Clear", which I am unable to click on it. When I move the mouse toward Clear, the window scrolls back up making Clear unavailable to click on.

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Hello, looked in dconf settings didn't see anything. In image 1 is of search result, went there and no mention of issue, 2 is showing my clicking on indicator and arrow at bottom works as it should. One question is after it dissapears and you go back are the notifications still there or have they cleared. Item 3 is in dconf editor where you can only change from 1 to 10 items showing. Did not basically use so not really sure of concept that you are looking for. Also found brief blurb on not this issue but with themes. If able maybe try temporarilary changing theme. Mine is yarugreen but it was working in other themes for me. Maybe someone will chime in with other ideas. Edit can disregard the dconf as the setting is available in item 2 in post 2, sorry got carried away.

Here is a sorta workaround to get screenshot (based on me thinking you just couldn't capture the drop down) You may have to adjust the delay based on how fast you get the drop down, longer is ok, just my setting for test.


Thanks. Changing the theme seemed to be the answer. As I sorted through the themes, some had the notification icon, some did not such as the Yarus. A few themes had the notification icon, but the app preformed as I described above. But many themes everything looked and preformed correctly. So I picked a new theme. And thanks for showing me another screen capture capability.

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