Unable to recommend Mate to friends yet :/

I run into too many problems to recommend it to friends, and that sucks. It comes to basic things like:

  • resume/suspend issues
  • working with external/mass storage
  • multi-user problems, popups appear under the wrong user
  • screen/color vagueness, windows is much sharper
  • grub menu popping up on dirty shutdown
  • no auto-recovery for 'regular' people
  • setting screen brightness

I am seriously considering reverting to 18.04 if things become worse.

That being said, I really like Mate and what it ultimately could be if these problems get resolved. But recommending it to my friends is still too early.

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I reported many of them, most of them are still broken.

That's not really the point now is it ?
The how's and why's do not matter.

Basic things are broken and that's why I can't recommend it yet.
If that changes, my recommendation changes :upside_down_face:

Please dial your comments way back Guy. This forum is not the place for personal attacks of any sort. You have been warned.


Hello @Guy

I am sorry to hear that you have so many issues. I'm assuming you're running Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS 64 bit, am I right? If you want to tell more about your hardware specs and your issues, maybe we can find a solution for you.
I am running MATE 20.04 LTS 64 bit on my Dell Latitude E6230 and I have no issues with it. I had some problems with the mobile broadband connection but I managed to get it fixed thanks to this forum.

Lastima que tengas esos problemas no me ah pasado todo me funciona de maravilla

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Sorry Teodor. I have suspended Guy's account until April 1st. His answer thanking you has also been removed.

In a post that I have deleted, Guy stated "I'm honest, fair and speak my mind. If that is not allowed here, then maybe this board is not for me."

This board is not here so that members can characterize others. When I see crap like that, I generally warn first and punish secondly.

If this kind of thing reoccurs, that member/user is gone.


I understand @mdooley. I'm sorry to hear that and I agree with you. If he's not happy with Ubuntu MATE, he's free to choose any other OS and not to start arguing with the other members here. Maybe this topic can be closed.

Take care!



Users who do that seriously need to grow up and take their comments somewhere else.