Unable to upgrade to 18.04 from 16.04

Hi I have Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and i would like to upgrede to 18.04 because Plex media Server looks to work on 18.04.
I am not able to upgrade my system. Could you please help me?


Try running sudo do-release-upgrade

If that fails, I suggest doing an upgrade from live installation media. Download the latest 18.04 ISO and flash it to a USB stick, CD, or DVD. Reboot your computer and the installation menu should load. Select ‘Install Ubuntu’. When you get to the partitioning stage of the installer, it should detect that Ubuntu MATE 16.04 is installed and offer an option to upgrade. Select the option and then continue. This will upgrade your Ubuntu MATE 16.04 installation to 18.04 without erasing data.

Using command line i got the following error:

Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.

I try now with Usb stick … but… I faced a big broblem:
i am not able to enter in the boot menu to set start from usb. I tried all option F11-F12-Canc-Esc-F2 but the system starts with Grub2 and also here the kepad doesn’t work and cannot change or skip… After ubuntu starts the keypad works nice… i really don’t know how to proceed…

Do as the error message says. Run sudo apt update followed by sudo apt upgrade and then try again.

If you still get the error message, then try editing your /etc/apt/sources.list and replacing all mentions of xenial with bionic. Then run sudo apt update followed by sudo apt full-upgrade to upgrade.

I tried your suggested second way, as I got the error message again.
The procedure started but as it took hours to download I left the pc working. When I came back the was the screen saver working but no possibility to enter password. I had to restart.

Now the system restart, I see an app that start automatically and an error message from the system. The rest of the screen is black, no menu, no graphic interface, no internet connection... Nothing...

I tried to boot with a previous versions but no changes....

Help help!

Oh, wanna mention that before I tried with Live USB but there was not the option to upgrade from 16.04.
I could only install 18,04 and loose all my data or to have both OS together.

I don't want to loose all data and programs I've installed and that cost to me a lot of work to let them run...

Upgrading versions rarely goes to plan, in my experience, despite what it says on the tin.

At the least, it will break some of your existing apps. Worse, it will not upgrade. Or, worst of all, it will upgrade but will break your entire system.

My advice:

Save all of your personal files onto an external media. Write down a list of all of the apps you have installed. Install 18.04 LTS from scratch and then reinstall your apps.


Maybe change to the command line (CTRL + ALT+ F2) or (CTRL + ALT + FN + F2), purge ubuntu-mate-desktop, uninstall it, and then install it again. Then reboot and see if the problem has been resolved.

sudo apt purge ubuntu-mate-desktop
sudo apt remove ubuntu-mate-desktop
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

The commands didn't work, probably because there is no internet connection

When I enter in the terminal it say I was with Ubuntu 16.04 so I think not even the upgrade worked.

If you don't have any other suggestion I think I have to try to reinstall Ubuntu... And to loose all programs I installed with lots of troubles....

Have you checked with the manufactrer to find out how to enter the BIOS. Your PC may be defective. DO THIS: Backup your entire home folder, so you can restore your data and downloads.

What you need to do is create a /home partition during installation. Then you can do an installation without losing your data.

Here's how:http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installseparatehome/

Good luck.

thank you very much for your help... unfortunately the situation is getting worst.
I tried to install 18.10 Close to 16.10 ... but it failed! The installation looks to be made on another volume i have and i don't like it, so i decided to make installation again Over 16.04 ... It looks worked but when reboot i got again the 16.04 without GUI. So i tried with Grub Repair.. i got several strange messages and when reboot... grub din't work and everything blocked...

Boot up with a live USB.

Copy all of your personal files from your hard drive to an external media.

Wipe the hard drive completely, including deleting the partition on which your operating system was installed, with Gparted whilst in your live USB session.

Install UM 18.04 LTS from scratch (or 16.04 LTS, if you prefer) on to your clean, empty drive.

Reboot and then copy all of your personal files back onto your hard drive.

Reinstall all of your applications.

You should make a list of all your applications so that you can install them after you've reinstalled Ubuntu.

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WARNING: Always check if your files have been correctly copied to the external storage device. A few weeks ago, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu Studio and when I had finished backing my files up, I ejected my USB stick and then took it out of my laptop, and then put it back in again to see if the files had been copied correctly. The file sizes had all been halved. I had to copy everything over AGAIN, and then remove the USB stick without ejecting it. I put it in again to check, and the files had all been successfully backed up. Remember: Always check if files you want to backup to USB are copied over correctly before reinstalling.

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Thanks to all for the suggestion.
I did what stevecook172001 suggested but again in troubles... I chose the option Format and install Ubuntu, and also deleted the partition on the second volume where the 16.04 was installed.
At the same time i phisically disconnected the third volume that i use as data storage, to be sure not to delete my personal data.
The installation worked but when i restart the system i got a Grub error again and the system didnt start.
I wonder if this can be cuased by the bios that was used to boot from another disk? If so, maybe i can change the boot order..
Shall i try with Grubrepair instead?

i forgot to write down list of the Apps .. i will go by memory :slight_smile:

Ok, this appears to be getting complicated. So, to make things as simple as possible and, in being so, least likely to go wrong:

Can you confirm the following can be done?

  1. Set up your machine, if only temporarily for the purpose of installation of your OS, to have only a single hard drive connected. Namely, the drive you intend to install your OS to.

  2. If the above is true, boot up with a live USB and, using Gparted, delete the entire contents of your hard drive, including all partitions. There is no need to format at this stage. That can be done during the OS installation process. Just make sure the drive is completely wiped of all partitions and data. Then close Gparted.

  3. Whilst still in your live session, click on the install UM icon. I think it is on the desktop. Then proceed with the installation as per the instructions.

  4. Reboot/remove the live USB. At this point, you should be presented with the log in screen to your new installation.

i did more or less as per your suggestion... I deleted almost everything and install. The strange is that after installation and booting on the right disk i've been able to enter and use UM ... untill... i couldn't see the open windows on the screen and panels ! i closed correctly and reboot... No way ! i see the Grub saying Ubuntu is installed but then no way to enter. Screen stay black.
Now I am in Live again and i will try again to re-install....


Just go to Menu Control Center > Software Updater > Install updates
... wait ...
It will tell you taht everything is uptodate and it will offer you to upgrade to version 18.04.
... ditribution Upgrade ...
I will update if it failed or had problems.

Tq God. today my pc went from14.04 > 16.04 > 18.04 smoothly.

not sure how good will it be...

my old 10.04 is still working, i think a little faster on the same pc.

tqvm ubuntu and all contributer n users all over the world!!


Finally thumbs up...

zippy performeance of UbuntuMate 18.04


Good Bye win7.. your partition is spared for future assurance.

tq again canonical/ubuntu and all contributers n users all over the world!!