Unhandled error

I got this twice today
The non techie I am have no idea what it is
Can someone figure it out for me ?

I see something that seems to refer to Zoom... but no Zoom in use when it happens



Hi @Watford ,

I searched for the complete text of the error message of your screenshot:

Unhandled Error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'webContents' of undefined
at Object.onZoomChanged ([REDACTED]\main.js:316:35)
at Object.emit (events.js:315:20)

... and I found the following recent discussion (started 5 days ago) in the "Signal" subreddit of Reddit, posted by a user mentioning that is getting that exact same error message when closing the "Signal" desktop application from the "Tray Application":


Are you using the "Signal" desktop application ("signal-desktop") - Signal >> Download Signal - in Ubuntu MATE? If so, is that exact same error message appearing when you close "Signal" from the "notification area" / "system tray" just like it's happening to that Reddit user?


YES! I just opened and quit and it did it.
But didn't notice any connection with Signal up to your reply.
So I won't stress over that and guess someone at Signal will adress at.
Thanks !

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