UnlockMe - Bash scripts based App



Howdy all,

I’ve been working on this ralphys @github for a little while. I’m looking for brave souls willing to take it for a spin in Ubuntu MATE and report any bugs or issues.

feel free to suggest your own fixes/tweaks/scripts improvements.


Note from @ouroumov (Moderator): this looks like a complex program that performs cleanup, optimization, tweaking of various sort that requires admin access for some functions. We have not vetted it so we recommend you read the source prior to executing and then do that at your own risk.


Hi Ralphy @ralphys,
Nice to see you are still working on the tweaker.
I’ll give it a spin later on VirtualBox.
I know how it works. just curious about how it gets along with Ubuntu Mate.
You haven’t debianized it yet?


Howdy @Misko_2083,

I’m truly glad to see you are around! :slight_smile:

Certainly, its dynamics is rather familiar to you. From my own testing it does play nice with Ubuntu Mate but then again it is covering MATE, Xfce, Lxce, Cinnamon and Budgie. So I have to do quite a lot of testing for both 32 and 64 Bit. That’s why brave souls feedback is so welcoming.

No, I have not debianized it. I have created a simple install.sh script instead. There are few reasons why I haven’t debianized it… first and foremost there are still some more polishing that I wanna work on, specifically for Lite. See, Lite decided to use their own compiled yad instead of using a well known and maintained version from upstream. As result, Lite’s yad package does not include many of the fixes upstream’s package features, hence dialogs behave weird or they are even broken at times. I know for a fact that at least few of my yad based apps stopped working in Lite because of that very reason.
Anyway, the point being that for Lite users, the installer also replaces their “broken” yad with a well known upstream version on first launch. There are also dependencies that will get installed as needed… I prefer users to know and see what dependencies will be installed and have them decide whether to install them or not.

Last but not least, some of the app functionalities require admin privileges - an unofficial repo to install stuff that requires admin privileges ( a debian package) doesn’t sound attractive at all, does it?

I think the install.sh will do fine for now. To install or update just run from terminal:

cd /tmp && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ralphys/unlockme/master/install.sh && chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh

It will prompt for elevation as needed.

There really isn’t much of a need for a debian package at this point. Besides, UnlockMe is 27days old @github :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it for a spin and jump in if you feel like doing so.



I’ve checked out a few entries on the list.
So far it works on 17.10.

Dialog for installing/removing software uses zenity --imagelist. That’s why user has to hold Control key on the keyboard while selecting apps to install.
If you switch to yad --list, you can add both check buttons and images.

yad --list --column="":CHK --column="":IMG --column="APP":TXT --print-column=3 --quoted-output "" "gtk-ok" "OK" "" "gtk-yes" "YES" "" "gtk-no" "NO"

The main dialog has soo many entries. You’ve been busy working with on this app. :slight_smile:
I don’t know what else could be done without making things more complicated. You probably wouldn’t want to add notebook or paned dialogs.


I used yad previously for installing/removing script. Unfortunately, yad simply couldn’t handle more than 20-22 images (icons) in the same dialog. It simply stopped rendering the dialog after 22 entries… crashed and wouldn’t show the dialog. :anguished:


What a terible limitation. Hopefully it will be patched.


@Misko_2083, I moved it to yad as well per your suggestion... seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

I optimized in the process and launching the Application Software section is almost instant now, after removing a bunch of unnecessary cat, echo and dpkg -l from the code.


Great. The more user friendly, the better.

Who in the world would do such a thing inserting unnecessary commands?
Wait, a minute. That could have been me back in 2015. :grin: