Update to 18.04 realtek D723 wifi adapter not working

After upgrading to 18.04 from 17.* wifi no longer functions. lspci says realtek d723 is there, but does not work.

Hi Stuart,

check your software source download location and run updates using “Main server” (a network cable connection would be a good idea!. :smiley: ):

Thank you much for your response. Unfortunately, as I have already updated my system, changing my repository to Main Server does not solve the problem. There was a driver for the Realtek D729 WiFi adaptor on GitHub that worked fine on 17.*, but no longer functions after the update to 18.04, and the Software and Updates app, as well as apt tell me my software and system are 100% up to date, there’s nothing further to do…

Hi Stuart,

try searching Debian for a .deb package!:


I hope it helps?. :smiley:

Thank you once again! This is becoming a vexing problem. The Debian Wiki lists support for: RTL8723AE
, RTL8723AU and RTL8723BE. Unfortunately, mine is:

Perhaps one of these links might help -


maybe this one…

If not, then I suggest that you look into posting at

Edit: Additional info that gathers your wireless information so that the good people on ubuntuforums can help you -


Good luck @stuart120

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