Updates - Packages kept back

I use Terminal to update my Ubuntu MATE, as I have used on my regular Ubuntu since 10.04, and over last month or so, I have been getting several messages saying that packages have been held back. I have been using aptitude to get around this. However, recently, I have been ignoring that message and lo and behold, eventually the packages were updated. The most recent was all compiz.

My question is the package updates I forced using aptitude, forcing the update -- Will this cause any issues? From now on, I will not force the updates as they will update, I assume when the maintainers determine that the updated are vetted and ready for update.

I had the compiz updates held back for a day or two at most. Then they updated without issue.

I've had the same thing happening with other packages.

What I found:


Note that security updates are not held back.

I don't remember ever having packages being held back before installing UM 22.04.
But it's OK, I now know that there's is no issue with my system.

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Thanks for this. I understand now. I see that it's a good thing

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