Upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04


Hi. I am new to the community even though I have used Linux for some time. I have tried a few and Ubuntu Mate is my favourite. I have read that I can upgrade through the software updater with no loss of setting, files, plugins etc.
My questions: What does 18.04 offer? and, If I upgrade and don't like it, can I downgrade back to 16.04?


I strongly recommend reinstalling from scratch. "Upgrading" from one LTS to another nearly always causes problems, in my personal experience.

If you want to test run 18.04 out, I recommend installing it in a VM in Virtualbox to see if you like it. Or, if your machine is not powerful enough to run a VM, then run the Live 18.04 ISO to see if you like it.


What does 18.04 offer?

Newer version of softwares: the desktop itself as well as the various apps that are pre-installed or in the repos, as they're not updated during the life cycle of an Ubuntu version besides security patches and a few specific apps. Also, longer support, though 16.04 will be supported until 2021 so you're not in a hurry. Note that in 2021, the current LTS will be 20.04 but you won't be able to upgrade from 16.04, as you can only upgrade from a LTS to the next one (16.04 to 18.04, 18.04 to 20.04...).

If I upgrade and don't like it, can I downgrade back to 16.04?

No. You can't revert to an older Ubuntu version without completely reinstalling it.


Thanks guys. Much appreciated.