Upgrade from HD to smaller SSD

I have an humble Dell Latitude 2120 netbook that I use for demonstration. I've maxed out the RAM - 2 GB - but I would also like to replace the HD by a 60 GB SSD I have laying around. I'd like to simply copy the HD to the SSD, in order to loose nothing of the demonstration configuratons I have.
I also have a USB-to-SATA adaptor I can use to hook the SSD to the laptop. I can erase and/or re-partition this SSD using Gparted.
The original HD is 240 GB, the partition I want to keep is 140, and hardly filled up. So I could resize that to match the size of the SSD.

Now, there's 2 problems as far as I can see.

  1. GRUB, it seems to have its own partition, but is it necessary?, or can I re-create the GRUB functionality later on?
  2. what do I use to copy the system partition to the SSD? I'd like to use simple dd, but I'm open to other suggestions. Can I copy the system partition I'm actually booted on?

How should I proceed?


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some reading material

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