Upgrade to an newer UM version

I am currently running 20.04.

I feel that Ubuntu Mate is ideal for my hardware. :slight_smile:

I would like to upgrade to the next version.

But I am hesitant because often the newer version has deleted features of the older version.

And I have to post many messages trying to do work a rounds.

What do you recommend?


You could always make a backup of the current system with something like REDO Rescue or Rescuezilla, then upgrade the OS. If you don't like the new version, restore your old version from your back up.


Why don't you just boot a live system with the later Ubuntu-MATE 22.04 LTS and try it?

Try Ubuntu before you install it | Ubuntu applies to all flavors of Ubuntu too.

Story time:

Years ago when Ubuntu 11.10 came out, I release-upgraded to it however I quickly decided I really didn't like, thus I wanted to go back to 11.04 (where I felt at home with the GNOME-classic UI; it was still GNOME 2.26 or something there; the MATE-like interface most of us using this site really appreciate!).

One of the things I love about Ubuntu Desktop systems, is the capacity to non-destructively re-install the OS, where no files get touched, and the manually installed packages that were installed auto-reinstall. I just used this install procedure to 'repair' my system, except I accidentally used the 11.04 install media (instead of 11.10) returning me to my then beloved 11.04 which still had ~8 months of supported life left (non-LTS was 15 months then, not 9 like today). There are complexities to this approach (esp. when going backwards, I was soon to discover!), but most of the time it works flawlessly.

This isn't an ideal fallback (backups are better; but my backups were weeks old by the time I decided I wanted to go back), but it maybe worth thinking about if you decide you don't like the newer release.

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thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks for the ideas.