Upgrading from 15.10 to 16.04 almost perfect, just bluetooth issues

Hi all!
I’ve been using Ubuntu Mate for the RPi for the past serveral months, it’s absolutely amazing and it works great!!! (I recommend using an SSD for the root partition and an SD card for the boot partition).

I recently got an RPi3 and so I decided to upgrade from the 15.10.3 to the 16.04 development branch available. (I did do-release-upgrade -d)

After several hours (I think?) The upgrade finished and it booted normally and everything was great!

(I only saw the message about not upgrading the way I did it… and instead just re flash the image)

It then came time to test the bluetooth for the RPi3 but it didn’t work… (WiFi was fine!)
So I’m wondering the normal image, what is it that makes the Pi 3’s bluetooth work, what packages? Is it a special kernel image?

A normal bluetooh dongle works, but not the native one, it’s not detected AFAIK.

Any ideas on how to fix this??

I also upgrade my kernel via rpi-update, but the bluetooth would still not work.

Other than that, I"d say the upgrade to 16.04 went well for the pi!!

Bear in mind 16.04 is not quite released at this time of writing. The Bluetooth issue should be addressed in time (or shortly) after the official release of 16.04.

I see! I apologize, it’s just since it worked in the beta that you guys recently released I thought it would work in the manual upgrade as well. I guess the two releases are similar in that.
Do you happen to know what the difference is between the two?
I presume I have the kernel modules/overlays necessary to handle to bluetooth, but perhaps the software itself must know how to interface with the kernel module.

I’m not exactly sure how linux works at that semi-deep level :frowning:

Thanks for your hard work!

I take no credit for the Raspberry Pi port side of things. As far as I'm aware, Bluetooth is working latest 16.04 Beta 2:

Re-reading the post again, it could be due to the upgrade process, as upgrading the Raspberry Pi between versions is not recommended.

In particular, check that your newly updated system is using these new versions and packages.

Updated BlueZ 5.37 with patches to support the Raspberry Pi 3 integrated Bluetooth.
Ubuntu MATE 16.04 now supports the on-board Raspberry Pi 3 Bluetooth and Wifi.
Updated to Linux 4.1.19.
Updated to raspberrypi-firmware 1.20160315-1.

Linux kernel can be checked by:

uname -r

Application versions can be checked with an apt tool like Synaptic.

Thank you!
I checked and now I’m 80% sure that the culprit is Bluez.
I have stock Bluez 5.37, but I don’t think it has the Raspberry Pi 3 Bluetooth patches!
I wonder if the devs of this release have distinct sources from which they installed bluez, or if they just compiled from source using those patches.

Hopefully they can chime in here :stuck_out_tongue:

My only other chance is to install the 16.04 version on a new SD card and compare the sources used, see if they match with what I have now.
Unless someone can tell me what they are :innocent:

Thanks for your help!

I tried the beta MATE 16, where bluetooth worked immediatly. After some trouble, I wentk to 15 again and yesterday I installed the official MATE 16.
And bluetooth DOESN’T work anymore. I have Bluez 5.37. I only see a dummy output in the sound panels.

I hope some update will fix this soon…

The issue related to bluetooth that I have is that if I use my bluetooth headphones, then videos (eg youtube) do not work anymore. They freeze within the first second of playing. Weird…