Upgrading from Mate 19.10 to 20.04 - Is it time?

I wanted to get information on upgrading Ubuntu 19.10 to 20.04. I have a custom desktop with AMD CPU and Nvidia GFX cards along with Dual Monitors. I really love Mate and for the most parts upgrades using "do-release-upgrade" does worry me a bit that it would install regular Ubuntu and not ubuntu mate.

The part that worries me is the fact that as of now do-release-upgrade says that there are no new releases available and that my repositories point to a development repos? Maybe that is because its 19.10???

Not sure if the Mate team is going to release official instructions for upgrading from 19.10 to 20.04? But I saw on some site that the "do-release-upgrade" upgrade is not available immediately after a new release that it may take days or weeks before that shows up?

I prefer to upgrade in the gui via software manager since I have all of my customizations, system configs, hardware profiles, NVIDIA drivers/settings, and installed apps completed and stable.
This is partly why I am weary of performing a USB ISO upgrade.

So MATE Community what are my options?

  1. Wait for the update-manager to recognize the 20.04?
  2. Wait for Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1?
  3. Perform upgrade via USB ISO and hope it doesn't reinstall the OS?

Help me OB-Wans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could sudo do-release-upgrade -d which will force upgrade to 20.04 I'm doing it now on a 18.04 VM, it will take some time. If you decide to upgrade, backup everything just in case.

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Hi lagoon7,
Agree with Pavlos, making backup is extremely necessary.
And agree with you 1 and 2. In my opinion, more you wait, more stability. But is your choice. In the other hand, you can do a clone of your disk, upgrade and try drivers, configs and customizations. That's the better real alternative (not virtual-is not exactly the same) if you like to upgrade just now and not to get bad surprises.

Thanks Pavlos!

I did see that after I performed the 18.04 updates.
There was an option to upgrade. However it looked like the upgrades was coming from a Development 20.04 repository. So since I can't tell the update manager which repo to use and it can't confirm that its the stable version of 20.04 then I really can't trust "do-release-upgrade".

Also it would be nice if the creators of Ubuntu can certify this as an official upgrade for Ubuntu Mate.

Thanks Tim,

I am not in a real hurry to upgrade since most of everything is stable.
I can't print from my MATE desktop to my Epson workforce 7710 but I am cool with that for now.
I did hope that 20.04 would solve the print issue.
So for now I am concentrating on creating VMs, Machine Learning Analytics, python and linux gaming.