Upgrading xenial-s qt 5.5 to yakkety qt 5.6.1

I’m running mate on RPi3 and I can see on launchpad that there is armhf qt 5.6.1 packaged available for yakkety but I’m having trouble frocing yakkety packages on MATE that’s based on xenial.
Could somebody help me out or atleast point me to right direction?



Mhmm, wouldn’t the proper way to do that actually an upgrade from Xenial to Yakkety?

I would think that you can’t just run dist-upgrade since MATE for RPi is modified version of ubuntu and there is no newer relase of MATE than Xenial (at least for RPi). Pardon me if I’m wrong.

I see, didn’t know that.

What commands did you run to install the package and what was the command-line output?