USB key problem

Laptop Acer with 4 USB ports: 3.1, 2x3.0, 2.0. Operating systems in dual boot: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and Windows 10. If I put an USB Key or an external HD in the 2.0 port, the laptop often (not always) goes into the Sleep mode (in Windows) when I remove that key; the same situation in Ubuntu asks to restart the pc. No problems in all the other USB ports. In Windows, already reinstalled the drivers, checked/unchecked in Power Options. Any suggestions ? An hardware problem (short circuit) ?
Thank you

So, the problem occurs on both Windows and Linux?

Then I would very much assume it is a hardware problem…

There are couple of options I would check outside of your OS, - within the BIOS. Configurations are not always the same across each manufacturer, so I can’t be more specific other than to look for event-driven options related to network connectivity and USB. In addition to this, you should also have the option to choose USB compatibility with specific ports.

Should you have the option, update your BIOS after backing up your data. Many manufacturers will offer point or major version releases as they iterate their hardware.

[quote=“Stefano, post:1, topic:13249”]No problems in all the other USB ports.[/quote]That, to me at least, sounds like a short in that USB port. I would highly advice against using it from here on in.

That's definitely a valid point in terms of the physical hardware.

Ok. Thank you all for the suggestions!