Vala panel appmenu mate [TopMenu Alternative]

Hello to you all . I did not know where to post this . I have found a alternative to the TopMenu applet wich works quite well . Here it is :

I hope you like it .
Build instruction are displayed in the repository . Packages are not avalible .


That would be quite a nice thing to integrate with the Mutiny layout in order to more closely emulate Unity for those oddballs who like Unity…:joy:

Or Mac . I personaly prefer HeaderBars :smiley:

Well … then explain, how to build it! I tried but nothing works.

I have now tried this and, for people who already have the mate classic menu and panel, there seems to me to be little point in installing Vala panel and menu since the menu is essentially - at least visually - a clone of the classic mate menu. Additionally, when I installed it (on an openbox installation), I found there was no way in which the menu could be edited/customised. Which is okay if you have nothing better. But, pointless if you do.

On my openbox installation, I ended up installing the vastly superior “mate-panel”, which installed the classic mate menu automatically as well.