Version ubuntu Mate correct?

I have an Asus one D257 and I put the Ubuntu Mate system I took the GPD pocket version. Did I take the correct version?

Hi Dan,

I would say that a normal copy of UM would work but you should paste the system specs just to be sure!.

Is this your model?. :thinking:

Cpu Intel atom N570 1.66GHZ 1mb L2 cache
1Gb ram

Hi Dan,

you are most likely better off using the GPD version but it won't hurt to try the normal version!. :thinking:

I would try out normal 20.04 too but also i would search for some more ram :slight_smile:
Try to make a 2GB swap partition.

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Hi dan,

i agree with @olek, more RAM will make a hell of a difference as you only have 1GB which is very low!. :thinking: