VLC bug on Ubuntu Mate

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I think I have found a bug with VLC that seems to affect Ubuntu Mate 15.10 only.

When you go fullscreen on any video and click on seekbar to seek the video (click to go another part of the video) and then leave full screen.
Go fullscreen again and then the seekbar seems to have frozen as in video time but the video is actually playing.

Sometimes the seekbar display even disappear!

I also get this bug on my other computer as well. I have tried resetting vlc and trying out old version of vlc but it still exists. I have tried fresh install of Ubuntu Mate 15.10 on another computer and the bug is there. However on Ubuntu (not mate version) the bug doesn’t exist so I don’t know if it something to do with MATE environment.

I didn’t get this bug in Ubuntu Mate 15.04. It seems to be qt problem with MATE environment but I am only guessing

Any ideas?

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The click forward and sound muting bug has been reported, although your bug is different, and I personally haven’t seen it. My pet peeve with VLC is that the audio does not start as flat, but some tinny preset which a flat choice sounds far better.


Ah ok do you have the bug link for the click forward bug please?

Hmm about that sound thing try look in audio present.

Somehow, VLC now starts its audio as flat. I don’t quite know how or why, but that problem is solved.

I have the exact same bug I used all Mate versions up to 1.18 the bug is still there…


Heres the bug link: