VNC access from External network

Hello there!

I recently purchased a raspberry pi 3 for uhm reasons (you know how it goes). Everything went quite well, managed to set it up and been using ever since. I’m using the latest ubuntu MATE on it and been connecting to it via vnc/xrdp.

Normally I’d be using the vnc from internal network but lately I’ve been thinking that it would be great to use it from work. Unfortunately this is where I’m stuck. No matter how I tweak it it just won’t work from my workplace.

I’m using ufw and allowed all ports required for using vnc (5500, 5800, 5900) and also forwarded these ports on my router. I’m of course using my external IP address while trying it.

Any tips or ideas what I might be missing?


What VNC server are you using? Vino?

If I remember correctly I installed tightvncserver.

Proved has been solved.