Vote for the default wallpaper in Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Which wallpaper do you want to see as the default?

Thanks to the community who submitted to our 17.10 wallpaper competition. Most (if not, all) of them will be included as preinstalled wallpapers in 17.10, but there can be only one default.

Here are the ones that have been shortlisted. Vote for which one you would like to see as the default!

:date: Voting ends 20th July.

Where can one get the aurora/polar lights without the logo? :slight_smile:

There should be a no-logo variant if that ends up being the default wallpaper.

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Voting Over!

The community has spoken, congrats to @Richard for making the default wallpaper for 17.10!


Congrats to @Richard! And I just updated 17.10 and there it is! I’m partial to the night sky as you can see. :slight_smile:

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Anyone wishing to dazzle their friends, here's what I found on @richard 's winning entry.

I know the northern sky pretty well but couldn't place the stars even when I knew, from time-lapse tracks, this was a real image and approximately where the pole had to be based on those tracks.

Then, along the very right edge my brain caught the familiar handle of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major if you like) and it all fell into place. The give-away was the double star Mizar, the middle star of the Big Dipper's handle.

Only the 3 handle stars are visible and Mizar shows its double-ness very well. Here's a Stellarium image of the Dipper oriented approximately as in the wallpaper image.