Wanting to bridge the final gap between Nemo and MATE

Using Nemo on MATE, done.
Setting Nemo as default, done.
Making MATE menu / Mint Menu open Nemo, done.
Making GTK 3 bookmarks show up in GTK 2 applications, done.

What else could possibly be missing? Oh, how about setting the background from mate-appearance-properties in a GUI instead from within dconf-editor / gsettings?

Anybody want to make a patched version of mate-appearance-properties that will not just modify stuff from within org.mate.background, but also within org.gnome.desktop.background?

I might be misunderstanding here. So excuse me if I am. But you appear to be saying that because you have downloaded and are now using Nemo as your file manager, this involves having at least some aspects of gnome implicated in your desktop management. This, in turn, presumably means that some features of the Mate desktop configuration (namely the background changer in Mate’s Appearance-GUI) are now not fully functional.

Is that correct?

If is it, then you can hardly expect Mate desktop configurations to fully work exactly as they did in what is now a hybrid creation. That is not to say things like desktop background can’t be configured. It just involves getting your hands a little more dirty. Or, do you think that the Mate Devs should account for any and all possible combinations of different Linux desktops in their GUI-configuration tools?

If the above is not correct, then my apologies and could you explain in more detail what the problem is, since I obviously am not understanding.

You are correct in saying that because I am using a GNOME utility, that things aren’t quite as an end-user may expect in MATE. Could mate-appearance-properties be modified to modify not just content in MATE’s background schema, but GNOME’s as well?

I can already make changes in dconf-editor, but the problem with that is it’s not as user-friendly, and you’ll have a lot of new people following my (slightly-rough) guide to installing Nemo. Not everybody is going to know to install dconf-editor and make changes there if they want a GUI for it. I’m just looking out for those people, really.