Weird behaviour of the desktop at login

luca@pc-sala:~$ lsb_release -rd
Description: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
Release: 16.04

I use Mate and Compiz, my system has 3 users. This question affect only one user, the others 2 work perfectly.
I made a fresh install of Xenial with Mate, no problems at all. After a while (I don’t know exactly when) my account started to mess the login: the background wallpaper (a simple and small photo, centred) appears after about 20 seconds, the LIghtdm wallpaper stay on the screen all the time, often the cairo-dock pop up in a black area that disappears when the wallpaper appears.
But the worst thing is that the desktop is empty: no files, no folders and the mouse left and right click don’t work. Searching and searching I realized that this behaviour is similar to the result of disabling the option “show icons on desktop” in dconf, but in my dconf that option is always “on”.
To put everything at it’s place I have to open a caja window (i.e: home).
That happens with and without compiz.

All that looks like some kind of conflict (I don’t know where). I tried to compare my dconf keys with the ones from another account that doesn’t have the problem using the command gsettings list-recursively , but I didn’t find any difference that can produce this.

I know that the quickest solution is to recreate the account, but this is the only admin account (gid=1000) and I’d prefer to try to fix the problem.

I wish to attach xsession-errors file from my home that shows some critical errors, but I don’t find where to attach the file.

ok, to read the xsession-errors :

So I'm guessing most of the symptoms are due to Caja either crashing during the desktop loading phase or Caja not being loaded at all.

MATE uses Caja to handle the desktop, that'd explain why things go back to normal once you open a file browser window.

Can one choose to be otherwise?

OK, but this happens only in 1 account, the oter 2 accounts doesn’t have any problem.
So I think it’s a problem of some config files corrupted or something like that. But which one?