Welcome applet now not working after recent update

sent an error report from the error alert?

Could you post that error report here? You should be able to click on details.

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I have the same problem, but how do i post the report (newbie…) with screenshots?

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Thanks for that, I can see the error in the first screenshot. It’s a problem with the recent translations fix.

What’s your language locale?

locale | grep LANG

same problem now…

Is this what you ask for?

I can confirm this is happening because there are no translations on your system for Welcome. Also affects en_US. My apologies.

A fix on the way! :motorcycle:


So, why the ubuntu-mate-welcome has updated to 16.10.0?

A slight mistake by our maintainer. Now the version is bumped to 16.10, there is no way to undo that.

Fixed! Should expect an update in the next 15 mins.


So quick! I think this just shows the advantage of Linux over Win when it comes to bugs!



Update works like a charm! …thanks everyone , keep up the good work!

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