Welcome screen - getting started - updates & extras - additional screen savers & additional community wallpapers not working

Selecting install for either the additional screen savers or additional community wallpapers locks up the welcome screen. I have submitted error reports each time.

Hi John,

run your updates as Welcome has just received new bits & pieces!:

Thanks wolfman but it didn’t find any updates. My Welcome version is 16.10.0 xenial 1.8.2.

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Sadly, I’m unable to access automated reports created by Apport, which isn’t helpful of Launchpad. :frowning:

Edit: I do now!

I can reproduce the issue for additional screensavers (apparently the package is not a valid name, causing the lock up), but the wallpapers are working.

I’ll get this fixed pronto.

In the meantime, if you’d like the extra screen savers, the packages are:

  • xscreensavers-gl
  • xscreensavers-gl-extra

Thank you and I was able to narrow it to only the extra screen savers too. After a fresh boot the wallpapers installed just fine.

Found the problem – there was a space in the database between the package names! (So obvious it’s unbelievable!)

This’ll be fixed on the next update. :blush:


Thanks for following up so quickly. I await the update. Sometimes the most obvious are the hardest to find. Good job!