Welcome screen on Budgie desktop similar to MATEs Welcome


today i watched this video and i noticed that the Budgie desktop has also his own Welcome. It’s very similar to MATEs Welcome. What do you think?

Does it use same software?

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I’m guessing it’s a fork since @Wimpy’s and @lah7’s names are all over the copyright file. ^^


Yep, the Budgie project forked our Welcome program a good few months ago. And even at the beginning, @Wimpy forked Antergos Welcome. :fork_and_knife:

It’s the beauty of open source – being able to take some software (like GNOME 2) and develop it further or turn it into something new (like MATE).


This is always so, the last to arrive, copy or improve what others do.
But also they can get worse if they do not choose their letters well, Ubuntu has a big family,

I stay with Mate …

Ok, fine.
Thank you for your quick answers.

Yes it is. I was the first that give them the idea and work on the alfa app budgie. Its only welcome screen without software boutique.

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