Welcome Updates

This is a suggestion born from experience as I’ve performed quite a few Ubuntu MATE installs in the last 6 months.

I use the boutique a lot to setup classic programs after an install.

I never remember to check the “Subscribe To Welcome Updates” before I start installing stuff.

@lah7, could you make it so when one starts the boutique, a warning is show if the ppa is not already added?

Something like “The boutique is not up to date, if you use it now some software may be broken upon install / not installed correctly [Update Now / Decline Update]”

Edit: I mean that message & Buttons taking the entirety of the boutique screen, of course, with no other UI elements, not stashed at the bottom somewhere.


Thanks for the suggestion. There is an internal overhaul and new changes coming to the Software Boutique, one of them was this type of warning, plus being a bit more intelligent after a distro upgrade. :slight_smile: