What flatbed scanners work with Linux?

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 64bit

Hello All, Using a canon Lide120 scanner. It was working fine with Xsane (no work with Simple Scan). I went to use it today and all I got was a Total black output. The scanner is seen, but there is no “scan”.

I tried that program Vuescan and it works slicker than owl $hit. I would rather take the $40.00/1 year fee and put it into a scanner that I don’t have to pay for drivers every year.

Are there flatbed scanner(s) that just work with Linux that are under $100.00?

I looked for a compatibility list of scanners, and had no luck.

If so, please inform me…



Ubuntu reported compatibility list here:


Many are old and on old distros.

I’ll say Charles!! Nothing there is current, or near current…

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Thank You!


My Lide 200 works perfectly, although it is old. Hope it never dies!

Hi Bulletdust, I have an old Lide 35 that worked Great for years up until 16.04. Thought a new Lide 120 would work. I had to install Xsane and it worked fine for a while… then one day it didn’t work.

Thanks for your input


My Cannon flat bed scanner LIDE 100 still works perfectly under 16.0-4LTS. However, under 18.04LTS and my scans now have a black vertical line since Ubuntu 18.04LTS developers decided to go with an experimental package (libsane1_1.0.27-1~experimental3ubuntu2_amd64).

Hi matetwo,

I have been down this road as well. For what it is worth, I buckled under and bought the $90 license for Vuesan from hamrick.com. I finally decided that I wanted to focus on the scanning results and not the tool.

Good luck in your quest.

I’m still running 16.04, no issues scanning using Simple Scan here? System fully updated and running kernel 4.18.

Thanks all, for the input.

I’m on to my next question…

Thanks again

What are we gouing to do with all these good scanners that don’t work anymore on Linux?


Just to update, I recently updated to a Brother HL-L2365DW multifunction laser printer and I can confirm that after installing the drivers from Brother the scanner works perfectly. In fact Linux driver support is so good regarding Brother products that I wouldn't be surprised if all their devices work perfectly under Linux. 100% recommended.

Either sell them on Ebay or if you are into electronics, you can salvage some good parts from them.

In my experience, Brother and HP have the best support for Linux including GUI tools.

I received a free Canon PIXMA from my father and I'm using that at the moment, while I've used HP & Brother printer/scanners in the past without any problems on Ubuntu. For scanning, I just downloaded the Canon android app, which works like a charm. I do all my scanning now through the app and just upload it to the cloud if I need a copy on my PC :slight_smile:

I know there are tools to get android apps to working on Linux (like Anbox), so if you set one of those up, you can just use the Android apps to scan to your PC as well. I hope this helps you out!

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in um 16.04 and 18.04 with simple scan works well (network printer) Kodak OFFICE HERO 6.1

Thanks to all that replied!!!:smile::innocent: