What happened to the Ubuntu theme sounds from 18.04?

In older version of Ubuntu-Mate there was a sound theme called Ubuntu. This theme provided a very catchy sound that I enjoyed when running the mouse up and down on the Brisk Menu, closing windows, clicking buttons. It gave a great feedback and almost tactile feel to working on the desktop. Not sure what version it went away in, but I cannot get this theme to work anymore. I have copied the theme files from /usr/share/sounds, but to no avail. This theme also used to work on other Ubuntu based distros like Linux Mint, but can't get it to work there either, nor on Debian or even independent ones like Solus. I think I might have gotten it to work on Manjaro, but I would have to reinstall it to see.

I even installed U-M 18.04.4 ad had the sounds, then did an in-place upgrade to 20.04 and the theme was removed. So not sure what Ubuntu decided, but I would really like it to work again.

Any ideas?


try downloading a deb package from the following link. :grinning:


that link isnt working for me, plus i already have that installed

Try removing the current package and install an older version and then lock it to stop it upgrading via Synaptic. :grinning:


that did it, installing the older version restored those sounds, much appreciated, should have thought of that myself :smile:

however, the ubuntu.pkgs.org site never loaded for me, but i did find it here

again much appreciated!!

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