What is your daily tool to deal with applications install and remove?

What is your daily tool to deal with applications install and remove ? CLI apt, aptitude, Software Boutique, Synaptic ?

For me, it's CLI apt (for deb. packages) + Snap-Store (for... Hum... Snaps !)

Synaptic, but I will use the terminal and apt-get when I install an OS and install all my standard software I always want, install and use.

They are apt, aptitude and/or synaptic.

I use apt mostly when I know package names, synaptic when I don't and have to search.

I don't use snaps.

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apt or synaptic or appimages

For normal things and updates apt, synaptic if i need to do searches or more advanced things, and aptitude if i feel like it.

Synaptic for everything it ca do - I like the searchable history. Unfortunately, it's been getting increasingly buggy. :disappointed:

I agree, I do not use snaps, flatpacks or appimage. I do not like what they do to my hard drive.

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apt, occasionally on initial install the software boutique, and snap,

I use apt. I have never used synaptic, and I avoid snap whenever possible.


apt-get most of the time (if I know the package name), rarely boutique. I use snaps for all non-essential things like games, stellarium, etc.

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Synaptic ..........................

I agree, snaps packages are causing tons of issues because of how they are sandboxed (other apps can't access them)

Anyway, i'm always using apt or appimages on the terminal because i don't want to install extra softwares (like synaptic), so i can save a bit of space on my disk.

CLI apt, dpkg... Don't like snaps one little bit.

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Well, lately I've chosen to use snap to install the latest version of Gimp instead of installing it from the downloaded package...

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I use CLI apt-get and dpkg where needed.

One of the first things after a new install:
sudo apt purge snapd && sudo apt autoremove
After this done, I only use APT for installing, removing, purging and updating.
Now and then Synaptic just for searching and reading.

as a relative noob to linux i find myself using the boutique as it's nice to see a curated offering of software plus the terminal.


Synaptic and CLi apt