What of Wily-proposed

I have not opened up wily-proposed, but the temptation is there. To do or not to do, that is the question :slight_smile:

I would appreciate a second opinion.

I presume you mean the check box for updates in Software & Updates?

To test Willy Werewolf beyond the edge of cutting edge?! You could take a peek, see what packages are new, and turn it off again. :wink:

Now that has a nice ring to it :smiley: This just went on hold for a few days, looks like m1.10 is here.

I tick it and install the proposed updates and I don't recall ever having a problem!. In my update guide I leave it unchecked so people can decide for themselves!.

As an example:

And on my "Trusty" install:

Hey there wolfman :slightly_smiling:

Seven months…how time flies. I did get around to running the proposed and I did have a hiccup, nothing great, but I didn’t feel proposed was worth the effort and have not used it since. There are many people running proposed without problems. I would say nothing wrong with it, I’m just not interested unless I have a reason for doing so.

Hi @anon42388993,

I know its an old thread but I thought I would throw my tuppence worth in!. :smiley:

No problem here, you gave me a chance to throw in my two cents :slight_smile: Not so sure how that compares to a tuppence though :grin:

“Tuppence worth” is British English for our American cousins; “My two cents”!. :smiley: