What should be a simple question about window configuration

It appears that Ubuntu Mate 14.04 users the Marco window manager. The man page tells me


Marco configuration can be found via the main MATE menus, under
“System->Preferences->Windows” and “System->Preferences->Keyboard
Shortcuts” or by running the commands mate-window-properties and mate-
keybinding-properties respectively. Advanced configuration can also be
achieved directly, via dconf-editor under “/org/mate/marco/”.
I have looked in both places and see that “[X] Enable side by side tiling” is selected in Window Preferences and also in dconf-editor.

I am told in dconf-editor[quote]If enabled, dropping windows on screen edges maximizes them vertically and resizes them horizontally to cover half of the available area. Drag-dropping to the top maximizes the window.[/quote]
I observer the following behavior… If I open my home folder and smash the window against the left side of the screen it does in fact expand to full height and half the width of the screen and it resides against the left side of the screen. If I open another “Place” and do the same thing it again is sized to half screen. However, if I try to move one of the windows to the right side of the screen - sort of the whole reason for “side-by-side-tiling” in my mind - the window assumes its original size. If I smash a window into the right side of the screen I observe that nothing happens.

How do I make two windows share the screen equally - side-by-side?



I am not sure what is not working for you. I will take another read of your post to see what has been going wrong for you. In the meantime, please see below for an example:

I’ve also just copied what you said you have done and it is working for me. So, I am unsure what you are doing wrong:

oh…hang on a minute, I am using compiz.

Let me try again with marco and I will report back…

Nope, still working with marco. So, I am at a loss as to what is causing you this problem. sorry I can;t be more help:

An older way of controlling windows from terminal and works with metacity is wmctrl.

Maybe it would be better suited for your use.


Thanks stevecook172001 for the fantastic video. Basically it was an issue of operator misunderstanding (error). Being an old Windoze throwback - actually I started with CP/M - I often to know WHAT I want to but not HOW. There used to be a method in Win XP whereby I could have several windows open and then issue Tile or Cascade. Actually I do not remember exactly how that was invoked - I did not use it much. I was looking for something in Mate to perform a similar function.

I have followed the example shown in the video. It works on my systems in the same way. I had not considered smashing a window to the RIGHT side of the screen. That is what I was missing. It performs EXACTLY what I was trying to achieve! Thank you so much for your reply.

Thanks to v3xx for the link to that neat tool. It looks like it would be real handy if I was wishing to control windows in a program. But I started with Fortran 4 and am tired of programming. I was looking for the simple end user way of accomplishing the task and I now have that in my pocket.

Thanks again for all of the replies.