What's your most important bugfix or new feature for 20.04?

It's almost always the same for me and I also think, the copy process takes longer than normally should.

I notice this as well, although I remember this issue with pretty much every file manager... I haven't used anything other than Caja in a few years, so I don't know if it has been fixed elsewhere, but the USB Drive/ SD Card writing is bad...

On the other hand, Ubuntu-Mate does a great job telling you that the card is still being written to if you tell it to eject the card while it's "writing in the background".

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Yes, I think it is a broader linux thing as opposed to a specifically Caja thing

Hi, I'm new to Ubuntu MATE and to this forum. I would like to share my thoughts on possible improvements with respect to the next update(s).

First let me explain my background: I started with Linux Mint on a rather low-end Laptop about one year before Ubuntu said goodbye to Gnome 2. Due to a failed system update I decided to stop that adventure, and I returned to Win 7 which since then continued to be my productive system. One year ago it was superseded by a Win 10 Laptop. But my interest in linux was caught. So I stood in touch since my EeePC Netbook needed a successor for Win XP. Over the years, I have tried several variations of Puppy and finally settled down on Lubuntu. On my former laptop, I first installed Elementary 5.0 (for my son), followed by Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (for myself). Now my wife - who has never used an OS without a Microsoft label and is facing the farewell of Win 7 - is willing to give linux a try on her aged but healthy laptop.

Sorry for that lengthy intro. So here are some requests of someone who is used to mainly work with Windows:

"Top Three Bugs":

  • Activate Low Power notification by default.
  • In vertical panels, change the orientation of the clock in its own applet and in Indicator Applet Complete.
  • Unsure if it also affects the English version, but the German version uses 3 different expressions for Control Center ("Kontrollzentrum"). In Advanced MATE Menu it's called "Steuerzentrum" (control center as well?) and the shutoff button in Indicator Applet Complete uses "Systemeinstellungen" (system preferences?).

More items:

  • Generally speaking, provide more options to undo and/or save changes in applets. For instance, there seems to be no (easy) way to remove a blank space in Advanced MATE Menu or to restore the App Indicator once it was removed from Indicator Applet Complete.
  • Join MATE Tweaks and Appearance in a single application.
  • Integrate a modern icon and mouse cursor theme.
  • Make login window on lock screen more elegant.
  • Favorites in Advanced MATE Menu : offer options to remove their app titles, to rearrange them by drag-and-drop, and to group them.
  • The "Readmont" layout in MATE Tweaks is a replication of Win XP. Former Win 7 and Win 10 users will be more familiar with MATE dock applet, not to a combination of the app launcher and windows applets.

I use Ubuntu 18.04 and I do not know if in the latest versions of MATE has been fixed, since the change from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3 I miss something, change the color of all folders in the system,
I can only change color folders from 1 to 1, I'd like to change them all.


This feature has sadly been removed.
You can use papirus-folders if you like the papirus icon theme and Oomox if you want your own custom color at the moment.

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@Josele13 You may want to check out this community solution that I hope may end up in a future release: Colour variants of Ambiant/Radiant-MATE themes


32bit dependancies required to install printers

I do not use Wine.
I do not play computer games.

... but I do use printers, and scanners.

How do we, the .deb based branch of the GNU/Linux family go about retaining printer-viability in face of the moves (as far as I know Ubuntu and Fedora {.rpm} intend to do this) to drop "non-required" 32bit libraries?

If we do not get ahead of this now good, usable, hardware may well become scrap (years before they wear out). :thinking:

This may not already be a "bug", but is a "bug-in-the-making"...

I have an old canon laser printer that I run inside an XP VM. It only take a few seconds to fire up the vm. I place the documents I want to print in a network folder on the host so the VM can see it to print.

Presumably, one could do the same with an old version of Ubuntu that previously worked with a given printer

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I would think seahorse could do a better job protecting the list of passwords. It just seems to easy to me to open one app without any challenges and get a list of all of your saved passwords. I am sure there are good reasons for this that I don't understand, but it would be nice if saved passwords were more difficult to retrieve in 20.04.

Here's one I haven't seen in this topic:

A way to see wireless or bluetooth peripherals like keyboards, gamepads and headphones battery percentage.


Calendar week numbers please

Hello everyone

Just the other day I noticed that the ability to display calendar week numbers seems to have been removed from the month calendar in the right hand section of the top panel of the "traditional" desktop setting.

As a work-around I installed "orage" (from the Xfce desktop) via the Synaptic package manager. :penguin: :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I right, has this feature been removed from the mate desktop? Or did I miss something?

I am using Ubuntu-Mate 19.10 on the computer that no longer shows week numbers.

It can be enabled with the dconf editor, but it it's not enabled by default

Are you using 19.04? I have 18.04 and the week numbers are listed on the left side of the calendar. There is a setting under preferences for week numbers. I do agree this feature should not be removed.

Hello jaybo

My standard computer (daily driver) runs 18.04 and has week numbers of course. Thank you for reminding me to say which release I was referring to (the one without the week numbers). :slightly_smiling_face:

    1. and 3.

Brisk overlay menu (the one Mutiny uses that mimics the Unity/Gnome shell) needs to be made aware of when OnBoard keyboard is in use and take a -1 position below Onboard.

This is preventing me from using Brisk in tablet form factors.


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I have one more
> to not randomly freeze up on my laptop, 19.10 does it at least once a day and it has to be force restarted, I've never had problems like this with any other piece of hardware I own, but this is quite annoying.

I like everything with Ubuntu MATE. There are several minor bugs that I have on GPD Pocket 2 but I am not sure if any one besides me has them.

Just keep it lightweight as it is right now or even lighter. Sometimes less is more.

+1 which version of provided apps in boutique would lovely!