WhatsApp quirk with weblink

UM 21.10
Kernel 5.13.0-22
Mate 1.26

I am a WhatsApp Web user. I had a desktop link setup. All was fine for years except with the last UM update. The link now opens BalenaEtcher... !
I sent it to trash and created a new link...but it does the same. All other desktop links unaffected. Not a big thing since can access otherwise. The link in Favorites work well. But I thought I'd submit here in case someone can explain that. Possibly a small thing.


Have you tried https://web.whatsapp.com/ as an alternative?

The icon I had created on the desktop was opening firefox at that exact address. So only one click and I was there.
I obviously can access that site otherwise. But I raised this here since the same launcher/icon now direct to Balena, not firefox.
Just seems weird to me.