When will Ubuntu Mate 18.04 be released for Raspberry Pi?


@penguin_nedyalkov Did you mean “18.04” not “20.04”? Ubuntu 20.04 won’t be released until April 2020! By following the instructions I posted on the RPi forums, you can upgrade Ubuntu MATE 16.04 to 18.04 on the Pi without having to wait for Ubuntu MATE’s developers to release an image.


If you want a faster release please consider contribute with code or with money (so we can have more devs on the pi project). At this time the pi version has only one dev, and that it’s Martin. So in the feature please think and don’t spam on the forum with that kind of attitude.


I’d like to contribute but I am not quit sure how to set up an environment where I can build an arm or arm64 image of Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for the pi. Is there some documentation or a tuto that would put me on the right track to doing that?


At this time we don’t have any documentation of Ubuntu Mate arm version. And personally i really don’t know if there’s one available. Sorry


Martin did a presentation about this - https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/about/

If you want to continue using the flavour maker (I’ll repeat I think this is the wrong thing to do), then the necessary bug fixes should be very trivial. The work is in packaging the ppa.

If you want to make an sd card image like the Ubuntu server image, then the livecd-rootfs package is what is used in Ubuntu to build it. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi#Building_Raspberry_Pi_3_images . Debian have a comprehensive wiki on live build which is very helpful, but it is slightly different in Ubuntu. Some other distros like kde neon have documented this a bit too.


I upgraded from 3b to 3b+ by draging some boot files from rasbian. I also did a firmware upgrade before,
sudo BRANCH=stable rpi-update (its pi 3b+ right now)
and took a whole wack of stuff. I think i took all network drivers (brcmofmac(random numbers).something) and lib files and pasted it into ubuntu. I also took bootcode, and the rpi3b+ file and pasted that before.
K here it is in order:

  1. sudo BRANCH=stable rpi-update on old pi
  2. unplug sd card, plug into legit pc and add bootcode and other boot file (rpi3b+ or something) from the rasbian copy if not already there from firmware update
  3. boot rasbian on old pi and copy lib modules and brcm files onto usb
  4. boot ubuntu on old pi and paste files in appropriate locations (open folder as admin)
  5. reboot
  6. shutdown
  7. boot on 3b+
  8. do whatever the heck you need to upgrade to 18.04 (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=223749 helped me)


Hi. I use Ubuntu MATE on the RPi3. Ubuntu is obviously a popular OS, and therefore will have a lot of users on the Pi. According to this, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 will only be supported for three years. It was released in April 2016, and therefore will end support in April 2019, and that’s only six months away now. Ubuntu MATE 18.04 was released in April, and it really shouldn’t take over six months to create the Pi image for it.


Why are you spamming the same idea over and over again? I’ve told you that we have only one dev on it . With one dev it can take 5 year’s if that dev doesn’t have time for it.



Here’s an update on the Raspberry Pi 18.04 builds. To avoid duplicate topics, let’s stick to one topic.