Where can I find a working download for older PowerPC versions of Mate?

I have a 600mhz G4 upgraded b&w power mac. I haven’t had any luck installing Mate. I have tried Ubuntu 12.04 and putting Mate on that, but those repositories dont work anymore. I have tried with Ubuntu 14.04 with the same results. I have tried Mate 15.04 live cd and NetBoot. I cannot get 15.04 Mate or Ubuntu to install yaboot correctly. It always boots to flashing folder and question mark after install. I can’t boot into live desktop with Mate or Ubuntu 15.10, and I am having the same issue with yaboot. I am now trying to install Debian 8 ppc and add Mate to that. Is there any place where I can download an older version of Mate Powerpc live cd like 12.04 or 12.10 or 14.04 that will install yaboot correctly on my computer? Thank you kindly.