Which release to install?

Need help for suggestion..
Time for me to reinstall new system using UM. However, this system will need some time(few months) to be up (have to install UM, VirtualMachine under W10, all corporative software and set it,network, test, inventory, etc) .

During this time I will use the old one (using 18.04) for work. But in few months my new system will be ready to start and I need to know which version should better to install. Cause I know if I install 18.04, when the system will start I want to update 20.04.

So is this better to install 20.04 beta directly during setup time of my system and when all set, it will be ready for final release. Or maybe install 19.10 because it is more stable.

Finally, the object of this is to make the system easy and problem proof from to be updated in few months.


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20.04 comes out in April, so it depends on what you mean by "a few months." But would say 19.10 would be your best bet if you are going install later rather than sooner or if you have recent hardware. If you want to be absolutely sure that your machine will work and my previous condition doesn't apply to you, 18.04 wouldn't be horrible either. Upgrading from both releases should be well supported so don't worry too much about having to reinstall or experiencing any major problems.

Thank CheeseEBoi

few months means not before 20.04 release. Could be near or not late after.
My hardware is not too old but few years, It's a I7 2nd gen.
I will use that system has server in my shop but I need to make it ready to start my shop from scratch with totally new shop software. Sadly, I have to use W10 so I will install it under virtualBox 6.12

I would say you should test 19.10 in your VM then do 20.04 as it is LTS. Feature wise, 19.10 shouldn't be too different from 20.04, so you'll be pretty good. Hope everything goes well!


I'm running the 20.04 development version. No apport errors yet, which has happened a lot on earlier releases.

AFAIK the rule of thumb for a production system is to wait for the maintenance release after major version change occurs.
Given that fact usage of beta for production is in no sense appropriate.

This is not a production machine by any means; I like to test betas, etc. On Manjaro, I use the Testing repos as well. Haven't had a single problem with those upgrades, either.

Two pretty solid releases.

20.04 is technically beta but its so rock solid and has so few changes, being an LTS release that you could think of it as stable already. I have been using it since Christmas and its been better than 19.10 and 19.04. The release is getting a few minor tweaks and its just around the corner now. There is no real benefit to not using it IMO.