Why are mate themes removed?

Why are mate themes removed?
There is no reason to force yaru to all users.

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I think one of the reasons why yaru was removed was because, along with the NVIDIA drivers, it was taking a lot of space on the ISO, up to 4.1 GB. You can still install it from the repos i think.

Well the themes itself are less than 20mb. With icon themes maximal 60mb. There have to be other reasons.

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i think you can install mate themes by using sudo apt install mate-themes.
Good luck! :blush:

Also check solution about Ambiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE themes for 22.04 LTS at relevant thread.

@Norbert_X thank you for the link. Did take a look at it.Soon ill have radiant design ported to something very close to yaru. Its more difficult than the traditional ok-/green themes but possible.

I am a 8 year user of Linux and my first distro was ubuntu mate. It is still one of my preferred and I have it installed on my main computer.
I installed ubuntu mate 22.04 but I want to continue using the green submarine theme and I don't like that the new version takes more resources. So I tried to download versiion 20.04 to install it again but it did not work. What is happening?. Fortunately I got it by other means and now I have it installed again.
These things are very important for users. For example I hate the ubuntu desktop and I like the mate one. It is important that we feel confortable.