Why do you use Linux? And why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?

Been using Linux Mint for years along with a few others - this Ubuntu Mate seems very stable


32bit support, and the lack of need for OpenGL.

Oh…wait :blush:

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I use Linux because i want to control everything that happens in my system.
I use Ubuntu MATE because i like the gnome 2 interface and simplicity of Ubuntu.


Mate is clean, fast, feature complete, not distractful. It is one of these DE that don’t make the fans of my computer go crazy.
On this point, Mate is also probably eco-friendly :slight_smile:

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I was introduced to Linux when my notebook, which had Windows 7 pirated, started to give problems because of the activation last year. So in that period, by chance, I met Linux, I discovered that it was free and very efficient. When I recovered my notebook the first thing I did was install Ubuntu 16.04, which had Unity by default. From there I was testing various distros until I discovered my beloved MATE.
In MATE the applications I use work better and faster and the look is also very beautiful, I like it very much.
I have been a user for a year and a half I do not know how to live without Ubuntu MATE!
Congratulations from Brazil with love!


I have been in IT for‭ more than ‬25‭ ‬years and have held many jobs in that time from data centre operations to desktop support to process engineering to now enterprise technology risk‭ & ‬governance.‭ ‬My journey to Linux began with my move from windows to mac which was an OS based on UNIX.‭ ‬Initially I drank the cool aid from Apple,‭ ‬I did find their platform much more stable than windows and enjoyed the experience both from an OS software and hardware perspective.‭ ‬Over time I became concerned over Apple’s upgrade model and how it would obsolete hardware quicker than I would have anticipated or liked,‭ ‬being an early adopter of the iPad became an expensive lesson for me.‭ ‬I wanted out from the Apple ecosystem and moved to the burgeoning Google ecosystem and platforms,‭ ‬the Chromebooks had started to take off and the notion of the cloud and my data being available anywhere was initially appealing.‭ ‬I got a Google Chromebook LS and loved it and if I am honest still do.‭ ‬Chrome always updates with complete ease and with the advent of android applications available through the Chrome OS made the‭ ‬Chromebook even more fun.‭ ‬I ran my personal computing needs off a Chromebook successfully for‭ over the next ‬2‭ ‬years.‭ ‬But again I started to become more concerned on how my data was being used and how I was being tracked and Googles upgrade model. Now Linux having a Chrome browser plus powerful applications for photography seemed to be a potential winner.‭ ‬Being in technology I remembered Linux from back in the day and in the early days of my IT journey I did buy a version of SUSE on as set of CDs from PC World and that didn’t go well. So returning to try Linux again‭ ‬filled me with a little apprehension as I remembered trying to get a printer to just work.‭ ‬After running countless distributions in Virtual-Box I settled on Ubuntu as a base.‭ ‬Here I went through the flavours Ubuntu, Lubuntu,‭ ‬Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Mate.‭ ‬I settled on Ubuntu Mate primarily because of the flexibility in layout,‭ the ‬classic desktop,‭ ‬mutiny etc.‭ ‬I loved the welcome screen, the tweak tool and the software boutique is an awesome feature especially for a new user. The next step was to start running the OS on bare metal and see if it was going to work for me. Needless to stay it has and although I do remain a dual booter, most of my time is spent in Linux. Windows is still required for me to carry out firmware upgrades easily to my laptop and for work. There is still a lot to learn and now my journey into Linux and the community begins in earnest. An OS for the people by the people really is where I think computing needs to go.


I learned some Linux having an OLPC G1G1 XO-1 laptop. Didn’t think much of Fedora in the YUM era, but it at least gave me a taste of something beyond Windows. That led me to purchasing old macs, including the 20 inch “lamp” or “sunflower” iMac G4 that runs Ubuntu MATE 16.04 today.

I first used Unix on a BT created machine back last century, followed by Apollo and Silicon Graphics machines. But then the Macintoshes came out and I was a keen user (except at work) until about 2008.

Less money and higher prices and finding a Ubuntu CD in a magazine led me to try Ubuntu on a laptop. I think the first version I actually installed was 9.04. These early versions took some tweaking - typically six weeks to get everything the way I wanted it - with LAMP, Skype, Gimp, Wine, Video, hardware problems....

I prefer open source software because you are not locked into commercial sellers keeping available the features, the support or even the product itself.

I was a bit horrified by Ubuntu going to Unity. I definitely want onscreen a menu for software, for places, buttons for my most used programs and tabs to switch between my running programs. So I switched to Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS. That took just about a week to set up to my liking. That works fine and I haven't needed to change anything for months.

I am a bit worried about the future with snaps, especially automatic updating seizing control of the machine when you are trying to get something important/urgent done. I notice, for example, with an Android tablet, that if I come back to it after a few weeks, it's unusable for a quarter of an hour because (I think) it's updating software. If all our future household machines and tools are going to be Internet Of Things devices, then trying to get anything done with infrequently used tools will need careful planning.


Hi, i have also tried other LINUX distros but i keep coming back to MATE. Now i am running it on my Lenovo ThinkCentre PC permanently. Thanks to all devs. Keep it up. Needed a change from Microsoft Windows.

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I use Linux because it works, it's fast and efficient, and I'm tired of Windows and all of the proprietary software and issues with the OS. I've hopped around on other distros but I always come back to Ubuntu-MATE due to its speed, performance, and stability. It is THE best Ubuntu flavor available next to standard Ubuntu.

I started using Linux because Weirdows 10 made my cheap laptop unusable after a big update, unresponsive as hell (despite a SSD). Decided to give Ubuntu MATE a go and fell in love with it.
Got more and more interested in privacy and security stuff and would miss Ubuntu MATE when using my main PC. Weirdows would just feel insecure. Every other day some news about how it just spies on us despite the privacy settings enabled or about viruses, ransomware etc... . Kept the dual boot but almost don't use W10 anymore especially since all the Proton improvements.

I choose MATE at first because I wanted some light DE for my cheap laptop. It's highly tweakable and feels modern. I use it as well on my desktop. Tried other DEs like GNOME and KDE but they would feel slower or buggier on my machines so I decided to stay with MATE.

Thanks for this amazing distro !


yeah I have never found a DE that feels as quick a MATE, at least that feels like a proper DE

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Why do you use Linux?

I've dabbled with computers for quite some time now - a mere amateur reading, trying, tweaking, and screeching and reaching - reaching for some semblance of privacy and control of my computer.

  • Linux respects our privacy and I don't have to sign off my privacy in order to saddle-up to the Linux clan. Kudos to Linux.
  • I believe that most people using other O/Ss do so grudgingly.
  • Interacting with Linux devs, users, fans, and support are more like 'family' and thankfully, "Contact your Administrator" is not their fix for almost everything.
  • Linux is respected world-wide, even by many die-hard Windows users and Linux has a better reputation when it comes to honesty, trustworthy, and reliability than any other O/S.

As a side-note, it appears to me that slowly, 'people' are taking back from governments and corporations and re-storing part of the Internet back to the "Information Highway", not the Google catalog of paying participants in Google's website popularity contest.
We see it in Mate, Firefox, startpage and duckduckgo coms, VPNs popping up everywhere, Ublock, GPU/CPU/Font MAC scramblers, more... - many, many things Internet are working hard to KOPIT - Keep Our Privacy In Tact. HURRAY! I think that with Linux being at the server side will help a great deal.

Linux and Mate are helping to lead the way by making it easier for more people to pave the way - people that are non-linear and detached from the typical corporate-controlled profit-driven Human Resources department.

  1. IMHO the Giants are shrinking our Internet - more and more no matter where we go or what we search for, the answers are all to often relative to our location.

  2. Add to that, the growing number of software (AKA Apps) and ads, that embed a CPU and/or GPU miner. WTH! GACK!

  3. Hint: READ ALL TERMS of USE and PRIVACY POLICIES - and then agree to giving them your soul.

  4. So I chose Linux to get my computer back, and to beat them at their own game. How? By going off the Microsoft/Google/Facebook grid. Linux and Mate, I hope, will help me to accomplish that by making it a little harder for the Stalkers, Miners, Peeps and Pervs to invade my privacy with their smarmy, but legal Stalkers.

How will Linux help me?: I'm not sure - I am just getting started but for one, I trust Linux over and above anything else. It is the strength behind a solid Internet, People deving Windows and Windows related software are locked into a controlling corporate structure while the devs of Linux operate in a totally - open source - :slight_smile:

The Linux/Mate devs seem to be non-linear in their approach. This is different than the 'other' O/Ss that is structured linear processing during development, or, logical line of thinking. I get it, and get the reasons - to micro-manage with the goal of increased bottom line; but linear logic has its' drawbacks whereas some non-linear developing adheres to the idea that there are multiple entry points from which to approach, start, create, restructure, analyze, adapt or end anything.

Why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?

That's easy. For the same reasons I chose Linux but add that I like having the options Mate offers, plus the support and fan-following Mate has strengthens the very foundation which it is built upon. It's made better, by people who surely don't seem to see themselves as employees, but are rather part of family with a common goal - to make a better, friendlier, respectful O/S for people - and people are what PERSONAL Computers (PCs) and the Internet should be for, not corporate bottom lines.
Having such a wide range of non-assimilated devs, volunteers, and even occasional aides all adding to a wealth of information, can't help but make Mate a logical non-linear development. Ergo, in combo with Linux, Mate is the best choice for me to use MY personal computer unencumbered by the shysters holding the Internet hostage in exchange for my privacy.

'nuff said already :hot_face:

p.s. It's Sunday, it was reply or mow the lawn, I was bored, and you did ask.


I've used computers since grade school. My first machine being a Tandy 1000 from radio shack. I learned basic and even helped the computer teacher in our computer class when I was in 9th grade (Around 1987). He didn't know to much. Not that I did, just more than him .

The rest of school existed of skateboards, punk rock, and girls. Well attempts at girls. In about 1996 I was reintroduced to computers while stationed in Korea with the Army. Got into Windows and chatting around with mIrc. Flirted with girls on ICQ and the like.

I came home from Korea in 1998 and went to community college. I discovered Linux around that time, maybe early 99. I started off on Slackware and soon progressed to SuSE since it came with much more software on disks you could by at Barnes and Noble book store. I even had the sys admin at the college using SuSE, it was a Novell/Windows network. He used SuSE as the campus print server way back then.

From 1998 to 2002 I still served in the National Guard. I spent a big chunk of those years deployed. I jumped back on active duty in 2003 and participated in the Invasion of Iraq, came home for a few months and then went back to Iraq in 2004. I got out of the Army at after that.

Once I was home, I was still into computers and played around a little, but by this time I was married, had kids, and was working as an electrician to get bills paid. I still used Linux though, back then I think I may have been using Debian by then. I think I was using Mepis around then also.. Linux Mint not long after.

So now that i've bored you. I am really old, well not to old. I've been a chronic distro hopper. I was around when Ubuntu-MATE was a new thing and helped in the forums and with merchandise for a little bit. It's a great all around distro.

Since then I fell under the spell of i3 and Arch and have helped out with Archlabslinux. Still do a little. I am back here because I miss a more feature full DE. Gnome is a little to uptight for me and I'm not a super QT fan. So Ubuntu-MATE is a nice balance of everything.

Another real big reason for using Ubuntu-MATE is the fact that @Wimpy is a real stand up fellow and great leader. Not to mention the not to be officially named fellow @popey who helped start things. They are both great, humble, kind people.

Well thats my 2 cents.... actually more like 5 bucks, but oh well.

--- I just realized I didn't quite answer the questions...lol
I use linux because I'm a nerd, like to break things, then try to fix them...oh and freedom


I am glad you were bored. Welcome to MATE! You are so right when you speak of the welcoming attitude of the Linux world. You other points are spot on as well!


coz my company doesn't like Windows. So Linux or MacOS.
MacOS no go for me, awful stuff... so i have a small hell with linux,
some flexibility indeed is good, but some many loopholes, pitfalls, unfinished or unpolished stuff....
TCO is much higher than dreaded Windows ...

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I use Linux because:

  • it gives me all I need
  • it is much more capable than Windows

I switched to Linux due to two reasons:

  • Windows XP was retired with no decent successor
  • Ubuntu 8.04 proved to be desktop-ready system

I use Ubuntu Mate because I feel myself at home with it. It does not ruin my habitual desktop experience.

I became very tired of the whole "I know what is best for you!" attitude hanging over my windows computer. When I expressed my dismay to one of my sons, he told me all about Mint Cinnamon. So, naturally, I tried Ubuntu. Mate that is. UM is now my office machine op sys. and I am quite satisfied with it. Turns out that one DOES HAVE to learn more about computers to enjoy Any Linux distro, despite the claims that anyone can just jump out a window right onto Linux and have no problems. There is a perception gap between "what everybody who uses a computer knows" and "what a Linux Developer thinks every body who uses a computer knows".
That's OK. Linux people bring great honor the the "Geek Kingdom".
I still continue to check out other distros , having fun in the process and learning good stuff even while I get stuff done.
Thanks UM Team !


This is so true! I think it holds true in many trades, but it seems especially apparent in computer desktops.

There's also the scratch-your-own-itch aspect that drives many Linux developers, as opposed to doing it to meet some business/marketing goals (although we need those too), which drives that disconnect between developer and user.


The upgrade to 18.04 ruined my return to Linux. Too many things were broken. I filed 5 or 6 bug reports. I waited patiently for .1 and .2 but nothing got fixed. Instead, more things started to break. Finally, Wine broke---MT4 couldn't connect to the internet any more. That was the deal breaker. I was gritting it out, with CLI and workarounds, but I need MT4 to run reliably.

It was time for a hardware upgrade anyway, so the main Thinkpad is now running Win 7 again---fast and stable, with light CPU load. The 18.04 is retired to the back room, where it is mainly a media player. Even with that, VLC shows a white screen with some files---the same files show fine in Win 7. A blockchain app designed to stay connected continuously now requires periodic reboot, after running fine for months. The main reason I put up with it is because it is running a Plex media server reliably, and I've been too lazy to migrate it to Windows. At some point the old file server (also running 18.04) will die, and this will be retired to file server duty, with gladness.

I grade Gimp and Transmission A. Thunderbird an A-. Compiz a B+. Firefox a C. (I've switched to Brave as default browser.) Everything else is C- or worse. Overall experience a C. On the other hand, 16.04.x I would rate A-. If I had kept a drive image of my 16.04 install I would be using it happily right now. I just don't want to put in the time and labor of tinkering with a new install until I've got everything just right again.

Sorry, this is off-topic, or contra-topic. I made a couple of enthusiastic posts earlier, so I thought it might be relevant to report how it all panned out. I'm done. The Linux desktop has hit a glass ceiling. It's going nowhere, because the development model makes impossible a concerted focus on user experience. It makes me feel like I am its servant, not the other way around. I'm not going to try it ever again, unless a company is supporting it for profit. I will continue to use Linux as the LAN file server, and store all my data on Ext4 file system----this work it does superbly. Zero complaints.

I extend warm appreciation to the developers anyway, and to all the wonderful people who tried to help me solve things here at the forum. I wish everyone a great weekend!

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