Why do you use Linux? And why did you choose Ubuntu MATE?



I switched from Windows to Linux because once, with nothing better to do, I decided to read Microsoft’s private policies and terms of use. I couldn’t believe the atrocities I was reading so I rushed searching for alternatives.

Google ‘took’ me to Linux distros and for the last years I made Linux not only a work and leisure tool but also a hobby, I’ve used more than 10 distros as daily drivers and tested on vm more than 100 distros (probably more than 200 is more correct).

And all that Linux using, distro testing and learning brought me to Ubuntu MATE, which is my favorite operating system. What suits me best is an Ubuntu based distro, MATE desktop and Compiz, along with operating system stability so sooner or later is was destined for me to end up using Ubuntu MATE.

I’m using Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and really loving it.
Congrats to the entire team for a job very well done!


###Why i use Ubuntu ? :slight_smile:

  • Long time OS X / Apple user. Don’t like Apple leadership and abandoning of professional user-base.
  • Ubuntu is the future of professional desktop. In combination with Nvidia and machine learning.
  • Open source + software
  • A dream for web / software development
  • LTS support
    ###Why i use Ubuntu Mate?:
  • Traditional Desktop paradigm
  • With little to no time i can make it look and behave like os x, closing, maximizing on left + dock, removing icons from menus, etc.
  • Gnome 2
  • Stable

Congrats on beautifully executed job and thanks.


I got tired of Windows viruses doing sensitive work like taxes. I’m low tech so I will always be a newbie. Loaded on my 5 year old laptop with heat issues so I wanted a distro that wasn’t too big.I could see how do load software I wanted and update. No terminal for me. I liked how MATE lets me save everything on the desktop. Most distros only let you save icons to the side bar. I wanted Libre and Firefox even if Chromium doesn’t spy on you like Chrome.


I am lazy.
Linux is easy.

I left Ubuntu when they deleted Gnome2.
I ended up with Debian Mate.

because it is easy …and familiar


Left Windoze
when they became quite invasive
when they didn’t stop making the decisions of what was best for me
when they started to improve the ‘experience’… while I had more problems then ever
when an update screwed up my Acer computer for good

Been ‘almost’ trouble free since then.
This Ubuntu Linux version is a real Mate.


Been using Linux Mint for years along with a few others - this Ubuntu Mate seems very stable


32bit support, and the lack of need for OpenGL.

Oh…wait :blush:


I use Linux because i want to control everything that happens in my system.
I use Ubuntu MATE because i like the gnome 2 interface and simplicity of Ubuntu.


Mate is clean, fast, feature complete, not distractful. It is one of these DE that don’t make the fans of my computer go crazy.
On this point, Mate is also probably eco-friendly :slight_smile:


I was introduced to Linux when my notebook, which had Windows 7 pirated, started to give problems because of the activation last year. So in that period, by chance, I met Linux, I discovered that it was free and very efficient. When I recovered my notebook the first thing I did was install Ubuntu 16.04, which had Unity by default. From there I was testing various distros until I discovered my beloved MATE.
In MATE the applications I use work better and faster and the look is also very beautiful, I like it very much.
I have been a user for a year and a half I do not know how to live without Ubuntu MATE!
Congratulations from Brazil with love!


I have been in IT for‭ more than ‬25‭ ‬years and have held many jobs in that time from data centre operations to desktop support to process engineering to now enterprise technology risk‭ & ‬governance.‭ ‬My journey to Linux began with my move from windows to mac which was an OS based on UNIX.‭ ‬Initially I drank the cool aid from Apple,‭ ‬I did find their platform much more stable than windows and enjoyed the experience both from an OS software and hardware perspective.‭ ‬Over time I became concerned over Apple’s upgrade model and how it would obsolete hardware quicker than I would have anticipated or liked,‭ ‬being an early adopter of the iPad became an expensive lesson for me.‭ ‬I wanted out from the Apple ecosystem and moved to the burgeoning Google ecosystem and platforms,‭ ‬the Chromebooks had started to take off and the notion of the cloud and my data being available anywhere was initially appealing.‭ ‬I got a Google Chromebook LS and loved it and if I am honest still do.‭ ‬Chrome always updates with complete ease and with the advent of android applications available through the Chrome OS made the‭ ‬Chromebook even more fun.‭ ‬I ran my personal computing needs off a Chromebook successfully for‭ over the next ‬2‭ ‬years.‭ ‬But again I started to become more concerned on how my data was being used and how I was being tracked and Googles upgrade model. Now Linux having a Chrome browser plus powerful applications for photography seemed to be a potential winner.‭ ‬Being in technology I remembered Linux from back in the day and in the early days of my IT journey I did buy a version of SUSE on as set of CDs from PC World and that didn’t go well. So returning to try Linux again‭ ‬filled me with a little apprehension as I remembered trying to get a printer to just work.‭ ‬After running countless distributions in Virtual-Box I settled on Ubuntu as a base.‭ ‬Here I went through the flavours Ubuntu, Lubuntu,‭ ‬Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Mate.‭ ‬I settled on Ubuntu Mate primarily because of the flexibility in layout,‭ the ‬classic desktop,‭ ‬mutiny etc.‭ ‬I loved the welcome screen, the tweak tool and the software boutique is an awesome feature especially for a new user. The next step was to start running the OS on bare metal and see if it was going to work for me. Needless to stay it has and although I do remain a dual booter, most of my time is spent in Linux. Windows is still required for me to carry out firmware upgrades easily to my laptop and for work. There is still a lot to learn and now my journey into Linux and the community begins in earnest. An OS for the people by the people really is where I think computing needs to go.


I learned some Linux having an OLPC G1G1 XO-1 laptop. Didn’t think much of Fedora in the YUM era, but it at least gave me a taste of something beyond Windows. That led me to purchasing old macs, including the 20 inch “lamp” or “sunflower” iMac G4 that runs Ubuntu MATE 16.04 today.