Why no beautiful theme for Mate

  • I tried for 6years, all themes on internet, including all those flat called modern themes (with big and ugly ui components), and the only ones that displays correctly all apps (including eclipse) is Radiant or Ambiant themes, but Ambiant has black top border which makes it difficult to differentiate between many opened windows in the background, the only one that I found displaying correctly all apps is Radiant theme, but it's very old style and we are in 2019, is there no modern version of this theme ? something beautiful like what elementary os is doing ?
  • And another problem is that eclipse foundation only supports adwaita theme for all eclipse versions and there is no adwaita theme on ubuntu Mate !
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try the menta theme it's not as dated feeling as Radiant or Ambiant themes but generally works every bit as well, it is what I use although I still occasionally try some others

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I also tried them all. The only ones that look modern and provide a unified look with all apps ( gtk classic, CSD and QT) are Adapta, Materia and Mint-Y.

They should be provided by default IMHO.

I tried all of those themes but they don't display correctly eclipse which uses SWT framework to create GUI; and for current version of eclipse, SWT has dropped GTK2 and now supports only GTK3 but all the themes I tried doesn't display the gui correctly.

I would also like Ubuntu Mate to have a new theme and new icon.

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All the themes I mentioned have gtk3.
If only one app, moreover non native, has an issue, then it's the problem. Not the DE or the theme.

The app you talk about looks perfect on Cinnamon , it's only MATE that doesn't because it doesn't have Adwaita theme.
I am now on Cinnamon but man it's slow and use a lot of RAM, and I discovered it uses Javascript (the worst programming language), I think I will come back to Ubuntu Mate soon.