Widevine and codecs not working good in 20.04 minimum installation

Hi, time ago I installed ubuntu mate 20.04 (normal install), tried to watch movies in opera but I needed to install codecs and widevine to make it work, latter because of lack of storage space and broken dependencies by uninstalling wrong apps I had to reinstall mate. Thinking that using minimal or minimum instalation (I don't remember the exact name) could have more space storage without the applications I don't use and no broking anything like last time.... When I repeated the paths to watch DRM media in Opera, nothing works, tried every option connected whith opera support, the data needed was theres, the codecs, widevine, everything, but test pages always says "no drm using" and "no h206 codecs". Then I though "did the same things like last time and furter more, whats the difference? the installation", so reinstalled ubuntu but in choosing normal, repeated the process and drm works.
minimal installation will not recognize codecs and winevine