WiFi not working on new install, Release 19.04

So, I have just installed Ubuntu MATE 19.04 on my laptop, a Lenovo E10-30, which previously ran Linux Lite 4. Wifi has been buggy before, but I was able to use workarounds found online (Realtek rtl8723be) however, with MATE, it seems not to recognise the wireless card at all. Ethernet is working fine. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Hi, here you can find a step by step solution:


(rtl8723be is also on the list)

No, definitely not. The built-in driver for that specific card is, I know from personal experience, excellent as of the 4.15 kernel. Nobody should be rebuilding it themselves, or using a PPA, or etc any more: that's advice from 2+ years ago being propagated LONG after it's stopped being a good idea, let alone actually necessary.

The more likely scenario is you have an an antenna problem. Search for instructions on how to use the ant_sel parameter with that driver and see if that resolves it, before going into the weeds with inaccurate obsolete guides.