Will it be possible to install ubuntu on newer computers?

I was reading a news article basically saying that with windows 10 Microsoft is taking moves to make it harder to install other operating systems onto computers. What do you guys think? Think it will end up being a problem?

No, that’ll never happen. There will always be competition that will undermine such a move. That’s not to say they will not try it or, indeed, have not already tried it. But, it will always fail in the end. Particularly so in the current era of austerity where open source has, not un-coincidentally. started to take off.

No, because there is no way to force computers to have operating systems when purchased - Microsoft tried that years ago and was seen off and, in any case, if not exactly a shadow is certainly a much reduced version of the company it once was.

I have one on order and the first thing I did was knock £100 off the price by selecting “NO OPERATING SYSTEM REQUIRED” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The new UEFI technology found in newer machines may cause inconvenience in the future due to one particular feature: Secure Boot.

Secure Boot should be cautioned, since a pre-installed machine will have Windows “tied” to the hardware to prevent another unauthorized OS from booting. You’ll be able to “unlock” / disable this and install Ubuntu normally, but it’s really just a bunch of hurdles.

I wouldn’t think it would be the manufacturers best interests to tell you what you can/can’t install with your hardware, otherwise they’d lose sales. Even better if you can get new machines Windows-free in the first place! :smile:

By a strange coincidence I just made a post in Reddit on this issue (and supposed “changes in Windows 10” which in practice, almost certainly won’t impact home users):