Will MATE become more and more popular?


I was surprised to see MATE described as a memory hog. On bootup, less than 500MB are used, which puts it in the same class as other, less featureful desktops like LXQT and XCFE.

I consider MATE, which is the much improved desktop which I fell in love with when I booted up Ubuntu 8.04 for my first Linux experience, the easiest desktop to learn (GNOME 23 took me all of 10 minutes to figure out) and by far the best desktop for new users.

And Ubuntu MATE is, hands down, IMHO, the best distro I have ever installed.


It seems bizarre to measure performance by memory consumption these days. The average current system has 16GB, others are higher. Yes there are lower-end machines that run on 2 and 4GB, and even these perform admirably. Perhaps we need to look at another factor to judge against. I don’t think it’s memory any more, it’s no longer a barrier to surmount.


You gotta be kidding, in example at the end of last year I browsed for laptops and there was no convertible laptop for sale in Portugal with more than 8 gb of ram. Talking about a developed country at the end of 2017… so worldwide the average scenario is to be worse and not better.
Of course it’s a specific product (convertible laptops) but that’s an indicator.

Ram is still an issue and talking about MATE, known for low resources consumption, usually the idea is that mainly it will be installed in machines with fewer ram memory.


Well said Wolfman! In my PC service/repair experiences I have built and given away several Linux machines to my repeat customers, attempting to expose them to Ubuntu. They all returned the machines saying they liked some things but did not want to take the time to learn the OS. I can relate to your statement that some responses sound like scientific equations and serve to turn off a would be convert...like me. I mean no disrespect to anyone and appreciate this forum and the many learned folks that post their comments and experiences. I think UM is awesome and I am determined to learn it so I can dump Windows and make UM my main driver. Thank you!


Mate is an Ubuntu flavour and cinnamon does not have it's own home. I went back to Mate from Elementary because I wanted something more and more stable, "That just works," which is Ubuntu-Mate's fortè. Did you notice the bold VLC inclusion which helps Ubuntu "Just work"?
Mate is also quite lean and I have a weak laptop. It runs fine on my machine and I think it does fairly well compared to Lubuntu as well.
As for Mate as a desktop for other distros, I don't know. It is usually best to go with the distro the DM comes with. The future is to keep the Ubuntu in Ubuntu-Mate.


Cinnamon is a very good DE, but it has more serious issues than Mate : memory leaks, higher CPU consumption, memory usage and a few display glitches.

That why I am using Mate now, even though my hardware is quite powerfull and Cinnamon feels more modern.

Moreover, on Ubuntu, Cinnamon is a second class citizen, so Mint would be really recommanded to have the best experience.
Yet, I prefer Ubuntu for the LTS and other stuff, so this is also an advantage of Mate.