Willing to make a train simulator

eh… I um… am fanatic for trains and um… I… kinda want to make a train simulator myself!
“Oh there’s an open-source clone for that!” Yes, there was, OpenBVE, until development halted and the website shut down yadda yadda. (it was kinda clumsy to get routes working under linux)(it wasn’t open source btw, it’s what I call “released-code”, built away from the public and then the source available after release)
I don’t mean things like Train Simulator [year], they’re just far too much free in gameplay for an expensive thing. Also I don’t mean cargo trains exclusively. I’m more into metropolitan electric passenger trains than the other, really. (BVE trainsim & community made routes also follow the densha (電車, electric train) theme. :train:

I am sorry I’m overstretching it, but seriously, I have little 3D programming skills, want to contribute a little to Linux community (one way or another) live in a place that prefers going on buses because it’s cheaper, have little technical knowledge of trains and want to spend some time before I go to college, learn what I already know. (programming)
Anyone interested, please don’t be shy! We could go on an adventure! :rainbow: …not really but I really really wish to save trainsims here on the west. (because Japan loves trains, and train simulators)
Seriously, I don’t know how to start nor ask for help nor who to ask help.

plz don’t judge

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.

25 August 1991. Finnish student of age 21. :bullettrain_front:

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BTW, I sow some non-developers did quite good projects using Unity (the engine, not DE). There is some FLOSSy variant of Unity engine? Right?

If you mean unity the engine that lets you freely wander in X, Y and Z, nope. A train has a fixed route where it goes through. So…
I’ve decided to take care of OpenBVE, where work of a whole bunch of 3 people have been put into, because let’s be real, OSS projects never become abandonware, the community maintains it, right? ^_^;
Also Unity is not a DE, it’s a mere Compiz plugin. Also I am big fat russian man.
Pootis Spencer here.

EDIT: OpenBVE’s code is a mess. No, not Windows-like mess, but a mess. Like Linus’ desk.

Hi Coli,
just wondering are you still interested. I am 3D modeler