Window list does not flash

Hi, I currently use both LXLE 14.04 (based on Lubuntu 14.04) and Windows 8, but have been considering the MATE desktop instead of LXDE, and am testing out the Ubuntu MATE 16.04 beta on a USB stick. I use IRC chat regularly, and am used to the button for the IRC app in the task bar flashing when someone says something in the IRC channel. This works just fine in both Windows and LXDE, but when I set up everything the same way under MATE, the button changes to bold text instead of flashing, which doesn’t do a good enough job of getting my attention. I’ve gone through all the options and all the included themes, and searched this and other forums and Google in general, and haven’t found any option to switch between bold and flashing when a window wants your attention.

So I've just tested it on a fresh 16.04 Beta2 install and it does flash, thought admittedly the flashing is not very violent:

Notice there's also the tray icon that show an exclamation mark.

Which IRC client are you using? If it's the default one (HexChat) check in Settings -> Preferences -> Chatting -> Alerts that the "Blink Tray Icon" and "Blink Task Bar" options are set up properly.

HexChat, which appears to be based on the XChat I currently use in my LXLE installation so I know those things are set up the same. I’ll redo the USB stick so I can test it again without messing with the desktop appearance settings.

Ok, here’s what I’ve found after looking more carefully. Some themes on the Appearance control panel will (gently, like you said) blink a few times and eventually settle on a pastel background color. Then I clicked Customize, and narrowed it down to the Controls. Eventually I found a combination of controls and window borders that looked reasonably close to what I wanted. I guess I’d need to read up on creating my own themes in order to control it more precisely? But this will do for now.