Woops wrong laptop

The old 2010 laptop has lost it’s home and data partitions so I decided a new laptop would be easier than fixing the old one. Now I’m not so sure.

I bought an acer aspire ES 15, with windows 10.
I loaded the live DVD and no wireless.
The existing partitions look strange, the recover partition is at the end of the disk. So if I shrink windows for ubuntu, the recovery partition is going to have a different name, will windows still find it? Or freak out if it doesn’t?

While researching the wireless problem I came across articles saying that getting ubuntu to work on acer machines is hard work.
I’m wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.
Should I sell the acer before I do anything to it, then either try and get the old laptop working or buy a more linux friendly one?
Has anybody successfully installed mate on one of these things? How hard was it?

My experience here is somewhat dated.
I did check on various distros with a acer laptop a few years back , and found that the best for getting wireless working was Mint.

im using acer for a couple years (with ubuntu) and i know a lot of people with acer and ubuntu, with no trouble with the wifi devices.

All on hold at the moment, nice man at officeworks said he’d change it if I did a factory reset on it. Got to 54% and crashed, said something about running into a problem with the reset but nothing had been changed. So tried to reboot, and all I got was the acer logo cycling on and off. They’ve taken it back to see if it’s repairable under warranty, may be a while though, the guy who sorts the repairs is off on compassionate leave.


I currently have Ubuntu Mate 16.04 installed on an Acer Aspire ES 15 and ran into no difficulties during the installation process regarding Wifi or Partitions. The only issues I ran into was with it not recognizing my USB to start the installation process at first, which I fixed by going into the BIOS and changing to Legacy Boot, and with the touchpad dragging/‘lagging’ which I fixed by changing the touchpad to Basic (again in BIOS).

After this it has performed perfectly and have ran into no other problems - I use the standard built in wifi card. :grinning:

Thanks James, I’ll give it a go if and when I get the laptop back