Wordmark violation in 18.04?


##First, allow me to preface with incorrect use in logo guidelines:

By following the guidelines on how to use them you will help to build a powerful and united identity for the Ubuntu MATE brand. This section shows examples of incorrect use.

You must not:

  • Change the spacing between the individual elements or characters
  • Change the colour of the wordmark
  • Change the colour of the Circle of Friends
  • Change the arrangement of the elements
  • Place the logo at an angle other than horizontal or vertical
  • Change the proportion of the logo

(Emphasis mine.)

##With the above established, now for my supposition.
By default, Ubuntu MATE ships with an orange car background which has an orange wordmark and roundel. Isn’t this a violation of logo guidelines, or are there exceptions for art pieces?

My intention is not to create a chilling effect on creativity, but rather, to request a clarification of rules and understand which exceptions, if any are applicable for desktop backgrounds. As they are representative of the product to some degree and may occasionally be used in grass-roots marketing efforts, I wish to understand why this violation is allowed, and whether it qualifies as a violation.

Just to be clear, this isn’t the only image which violates logo guidelines by the letter, however it is the most outstanding example. There are others which had been included but for brevity I only mention the orange car background.


Wait, orange car? I haven’t seen this


Maybe I should had looked twice to see if it was a default. But I honestly don’t remember adding it, or I might had added a third-party backgrounds PPA and not realized it. I should take a second look at that; I’ll do it when I’m too bored for anything else.


I can’t see a photo with an orange car in the default wallpapers but maybe it’s from an older version of MATE. There are a lot of ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-* packages in the Ubuntu repos, maybe you’ve installed on one them?


It’s Zesty. It came.by default In that version. I know because the path for it has zesty in the name.

That still doesn’t answer my question about wordmark violations though.


There are other wallpapers with various color or style variations in the logo. Basically, my guess about the issue would be “who cares?”

Either there are exceptions granted by the Ubuntu MATE team for their own official wallpapers or, more likely, the guidelines are meant for people who want to use the brand somewhere else (websites, printed documents…).