Wrong SHA256 checksum on the home page

I would like to flag the subject for the 64-bit image (ubuntu-mate-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso).

The current image checksum is:

Whereas the published one is this:

I rechecked the issue.

The first image was downloaded via the Magnet link. It is the one with the wrong checksum.

Now I have redownloaded it directly from cdimage.ubuntu.com. And the checksum is correct.


I downloaded 20.04 LTS last week and also noticed the checksum for the torrent was different to the one via HTTP.

However, I stopped the torrent, got the HTTP file and told my BitTorrent client to "recheck" the file, and it resumed seeding like there was nothing wrong with the file. :confused:

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Strange... I tried re-downloading on a separate machine and it's the correct checksum. :confused:

(Ironically, got most of the chunks from the outside world and not from its LAN neighbour :laughing: )