1080p 60 HD dropping frames


On YouTube I never miss the charming Pratima Adhikari do her tech reviews. No, this is not spam. It's a crush.

Anyway her best quality videos are 1080p 60 and 720p 60. My Beelink Mini PC running Mate on my five year old Samsung TV... drops frames. I've tried Brave, Firefox, and Chrome. They all do it... although Brave not as much. (Hmm.)

But what is to blame?

The SAMSUNG TV is five years old.

I could imagine that 1080p 60 didn't exist yet. But if that were true I'd feel it would simply look jaggy but not drop any frames. So I can rule this out, right?

So then it's a question of Mate itself. Does it support such video or do all of you experience that video dropping frames (at 1080p)?

If some of you are just fine then it points a finger at my three year old Beelink. Is it reasonable to believe this little Pentium just isn't up for the task?

On top of all this may be the question of forcing a browser to to 30 instead of 60? Or might that look even worse? lol

I'm going to try this in the meantime --

And when it comes to Pratima -- I saw her first! :wink:

So the YouTube quick fix didn't work at all.

I found a workaround!

I was focusing my question on the cause. Celeron? Samsung? Beelink? Mate? Browser? I kinda lost focus on where I found the problem -- any browser.

So is there a browser solution? Yes.

An app called TURN OFF THE LIGHTS has a hidden feature which basically sets 1080p as the streaming limit... which 1080p 60 fps exceeds. Since my research indicated Brave was the best at not dropping frames -- I created a web app version of YouTube (with Brave) and dropped it into the plank. The frame drop thing vaporized.

Screenshot at 2020-09-22 12-29-19

I didn't have as much luck getting the same effect in Firefox. That has a different approach which I've failed to make work.